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Adawnstyle is slowly picking up speed

I am so excited to see all the new friends on both the site and my Facebook page and groups … so exciting, welcome everyone.

Well what has been happening. I have put up some spot sales which were well received, thank you to everyone who got involved. I even had to get some help from Mike ( my man) to pack…. lol…

I also listed the new preorder site which was also very popular …. there is no end date on the preorders, but once ordered once they will increase in price and become not preorder from there in, so if your wanting the special price then grab what you want when you see it… delivery is approx 4 to 6 weeks from ordering, but it has been quite a lot faster than this – Im very happy about that.

Take a look – Click here – Here is a sample – approx 40 fabrics at this stage to choose from – Afterpay available

Click here to see all the preorders

Just one of the many laces about to go up onsite

And whats coming up on Adawnstyle.
Well laces are about ready to be listed. Some great prices coming up… I have been talking to a new supplier also and hoping that I will be able to increase the amount of laces on offer. I will make an announcement or two when they are about to be listed… Im hoping by the end of the week.

A very exciting new offer on Adawnstyle will be Adawnstyle exclusive online fabrics. Designed here and only available here on . These are still a few weeks away as designs are in at the printers for sampling, I cant wait to get them back to show you.

I would like to ask everyone if they like my fabrics and the site if they could share us around on Social Media if you will, I am a small business and even though I have been in business for many years the fabric sales are my baby and I would love to welcome more friends to our family… Please…. Thank you in advance.

A fun Book Cover by Val Gibbs

Also I have had a couple of customers share some of the work they have done with Adawnstyle fabric and shared to the group, take a look, share yours too we would love to see what you have been making, Im hoping to get good conversations happening on our group…. Im always available via private message or email (as long as im not asleep lol ) Even though I sell mostly to Australia I will sell Internationally and have done so, but really hoping to become an Australian only site. Yep Im an Aussie girl, I live Rural in South Australia.

And another from Shelley Moy – Oh my goodness so cute… the big man has arrived here in Adelaide at least at our Annual Christmas Pagent so this sew is very timely and pretty… Thanks Shelley.

He’s Here !!! Are you excited or petrified lol… I for one am big on Christmas…

Well everyone thats it for another blog, thank you for reading , see you again next time – Cheers Dawn

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